Mary M. Boyle, Composer

Mary M. Boyle developed an interest in composition several years ago while studying voice for a bachelor’s degree at Indiana University, Bloomington. Later, during her years in the…

Three songs on Poems by William Blake for Baritone, Cello, and piano by Mary M Boyle: Love’s Secret, Land of Dreams,Little Lamb

A choral setting of G. M. Hopkins poem “Spring and Fall” by Mary M. Boyle

A choral setting of W.B. Yeats “Salley Gardens” by Mary M. Boyle

Rhapsody on St. Louis Blues for piano by Mary M. Boyle

This piece is set in quite a passionate story, authored by Francois de Chateaubriand, recounted by Chactas, a well traveled and blind noble Natchez Indian, of his capture…

Evangeline Complete Audio Score Excerpts Introduction Evangeline’s Theme Gabriel’s Theme King George Theme Evangeline Search for Gabriel Evangeline and Gabriel Reunite

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